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This is your hub for onboarding support, inspection guidance, and any tips you’ll need along the way. We are excited to partner with you. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.


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Please email your completed W-9 to

Get The Pruvan App

We ask that you take your photos directly through the Pruvan app as this saves time and compresses the file size. Watch for an email from Pruvan with your login information. 

Download the Pruvan App and log in:iPhone/iPad| Android 

Before you complete your first inspection

Review the videos and documents below (approx. 30mins):

  1. Watch– NWM photo inspection (11 minutes)
  2. Watch – A quick Pruvan Tutorial (5 minutes)
  3. Watch  – A summary of the inspection process (1 minute)
  4. Read– NWM Residential Field Guidelines
  5. Review– Photo Examples
  6. Learn – How to write a Project Note

Save this number: 503-749-6099 NWM inspector field support.
Please text or call while onsite if any questions or concerns arise. | Text or call while onsite.

Additional Pruvan Guidance:
Explore the  Pruvan Website
Create helpful Pruvan Views

Photo Examples

Safety Vest

Request a safety vest or a different size:


Planning a vacation? Let us know when you'll be unavailable to complete inspections in your area:

Updated Information

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Site Guidelines

Review these guidelines before completing your first large scale photo inspection. 

Document Examples

Photo Examples

Route Planning Tutorial

Submit A Help Ticket

Submit a Pruvan help ticket by opening the Pruvan app on your phone; selecting the menu in the upper left corner and selecting help.

Frequently Asked Questions


Coordinating the Inspection

What if I can't get a hold of a site contact to schedule access?

If you Cannot reach a site contact, please let us know. Some sites may be open and accessible, but others are not and will require meeting a site contact to arrange access.

What if the weather prevents me from completing an inspection?

If you run into or anticipate any weather delays, please let us know as soon as possible so we can inform the lender. We can extend due dates if the site is inaccessible, so please do not travel to jobsites if you are not comfortable with road conditions. Some sites may be open and accessible, but others are not and will require meeting a site contact to arrange access.

Locating a Site

What if the site address doesn't exist in google?

It is pretty common for a new address to not show up in Google or to just take you to the street, but not the actual lot. We always try to provide as much info as possible in Pruvan under the instructions and notes section if we think property will be hard to locate. This information may include a plat map or aerial view showing the correct location or an address for the neighboring lot. Please reach out if there is not sufficient information in Pruvan so we can try to provide better support!


On Site

What if the map I have doesn't match up with the actual site?

Please let us know if you have concerns about the site map not lining up with the actual property. Sometimes the documents we are provided with are preliminary and change by the time construction actually starts. If we think any documents are outdates, we always want to reach out to the lender to request updated materials.

What if a home is inaccessible (because they are painting, putting in flooring, no one is onsite…)?

If you are unable to access the site, please include a Pruvan note explaining the reason. If nobody is onsite and no lockbox code was provided, reaching out to the point of contact (listed under the "Instructions" section in Pruvan) may help you get access. Additionally, if you can see through the windows of a locked property, taking pictures through the windows can sometimes give us the information we need to complete our report.

What if a home is occupied?

If a home is occupied, then please do not enter the property. In this scenario, your best bet is to take a picture of the front of the property and include a Pruvan note stating that it is occupied. If there is still interior work left to fund, we will let you know and will provide a contact for the tenants to schedule a time. We do not want to drop in on any tenants without proper notice.

What if I'm asked to leave a site?

If you are asked to leave, then please accommodate the request and let us know so we can make proper arrangements. If any site contacts are uncertain about your role, please let them know that you are completing an inspections for the lender to document construction progress and any materials onsite.

What if I can't complete an inspection?

If anything comes up that will prevent you from completing an inspection or cause significant delays, please let us know as soon as possible.

What if a floor is only accessible by ladder?

Inspectors need to stay off ladders and scaffolding as they can be dangerous if not properly secured. Inspectors are not on site very often and each builder has different standards when it comes to safety. When it comes to ladders and scaffolding on jobsites there is an OSHA safety process that should be followed which requires someone from the GC to inspect and tag the ladder and scaffold as safe before use.  It is too difficult for our inspectors to know if the ladder or scaffold is safe to use.

What if a site contact asks me about the budget while I'm onsite?

If the site contact has questions about the budget, please let them know that your job is to document progress at the site, while our team of in-office report writers will update the budget and provide a full report. Depending on the lender and property type, you may be provided with a draw in Pruvan to review prior to the inspection listing the budget items that require funding. We will notify you if such draw is attached.

What if a site contact asks me about the status of a report of their report, after I've been onsite?

If a builder reaches out about the status of the report, please let us know. If they disagree with the results of the report, please let them know that we will need to contact their lender to initiate a rereview of the report.




Can I view past inspections on Pruvan?

On the Pruvan website you will have the option to view your previous inspections. This can be useful when it comes to preparing your invoice for the previous month's work. In the Pruvan app, you generally will not be able to review previous inspections past a certain point. They typically disappear from the app within a couple of days from submitting the inspection.

How can I get more work?

If you are interested in additional work, please reach out! The number of inspection requests we receive varies pretty dramatically by region, but if you are looking for additional opportunities or want to let us know of other regions that you could potentially cover, this is valuable information.

Who do I ask about an invoice, payment?

Nicole Book, our Operations and HR Manager is the best person to contact at (971) 249-8966 or

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